Tax Bikes

That’s right, some of Georgia’s supermajority of self-professed small-government, freedom-loving Republicans are actually proposing a scheme to register and tax any  and all bicycles that might be used on the same roads with motor vehicles.

Under virtual one-party rule, it really doesn’t matter who’s in charge or even what economic system is in practice; the net result will always range from mediocrity and incompetence to corruption and abuse.

Most Un-Democratic

Any American who’s paid any amount of attention should know by now that the New York Times is not to be trusted for its reporting, particularly when it comes to state matters far away from midtown Manhattan. In today’s edition, there’s a piece focusing on Michelle Nunn, and while it names (and includes photographs of) the entire Republican field for the 2014 Senate race, not a single mention is made of Ms. Nunn’s competition for the Democratic nomination, almost as if they want you to think there isn’t any, and you should send your money to her campaign without question.

There are other candidates.

Beneficiaries can’t be healthy?

So there’s this Republican congressman from Oklahoma who thinks a couple he saw at the grocery store must be using their EBT card fraudulently, because they appeared healthy. (Never mind that, for the amount of work he actually does, he’s pretty damn pampered himself.)

Now, food stamp-related benefits should be what they once were, limited to healthy staple items, and not usable for soft drinks, candy, what have you, but what if this fit couple is actually using their benefits wisely? It can be done, and these people may well have a plan to work their way up and out of public assistance. There is no law (and certainly should be no expectation) that the downtrodden must always be fat and unhealthy from a diet of bad food.

Here’s an idea: reform farm subsidies, particularly corn subsidies. If we can trend beneficiaries away from junk food and towards a healthier diet, we’ll eventually get a return on the investment from an overall healthier tax base, and just maybe more of them will work their way up into a better life.

We the “People”

I don’t know which is worse, admitting I was tipped off by Tim Graham at Newsbusters, or actually following the link to the “People” magazine site. Be that as it may, it would appear that Americans really are more concerned with why Huma stayed than with any of the issues that New York City’s next mayor will need to contend with.

I have my own hypothesis. I may not know the particular arrangements the Weiner household has with that Clinton donor-owned Park Avenue apartment (they say they’re paying “market rate;” sure they are), but I kind of doubt that you or I would get the same deal. Perhaps Huma stayed because she knows, if she wants to move out but still work in the city, the rent is too damn high.

Where to begin?

I’m surprised no one actually registered (or at least kept) this domain name before. This guy missed his chance (and I didn’t know about him until I’d already bought the domain).

I doubt if I’ll have any fixed division of politics, culture or anything else, because all sorts of things can prompt the same exclamation.

Just watch and see.