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Beneficiaries can’t be healthy?

So there’s this Republican congressman from Oklahoma who thinks a couple he saw at the grocery store must be using their EBT card fraudulently, because they appeared healthy. (Never mind that, for the amount of work he actually does, he’s pretty damn pampered himself.)

Now, food stamp-related benefits should be what they once were, limited to healthy staple items, and not usable for soft drinks, candy, what have you, but what if this fit couple is actually using their benefits wisely? It can be done, and these people may well have a plan to work their way up and out of public assistance. There is no law (and certainly should be no expectation) that the downtrodden must always be fat and unhealthy from a diet of bad food.

Here’s an idea: reform farm subsidies, particularly corn subsidies. If we can trend beneficiaries away from junk food and towards a healthier diet, we’ll eventually get a return on the investment from an overall healthier tax base, and just maybe more of them will work their way up into a better life.

Where to begin?

I’m surprised no one actually registered (or at least kept) this domain name before. This guy missed his chance (and I didn’t know about him until I’d already bought the domain).

I doubt if I’ll have any fixed division of politics, culture or anything else, because all sorts of things can prompt the same exclamation.

Just watch and see.